6 steps to simplify your wood flooring purchase

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At the point when your home undertaking requests countless choices to create it can appear to be overpowering.

There is so much specialized guidance tossed at you. We mean to talk clients through the alternatives utilizing a basic cycle.

See our x6 step manage when helping clients defeat the disarray of so numerous wooden floors to browse.

Do you have presented joists to fix to? (You require 18mm + designed wood flooring or over)

Or then again

A current sub floor set up (any thickness goes-fill your boots on choices)

In all cases your sub-floor must be spotless, level(+ or – 3mm permitted over a 2m run) and dry.

What kind of wood flooring?

Oak flooring, Walnut flooring, Beech flooring, Maple flooring or another sort

Do you like a solitary board style or example style

The wood flooring look.

Think tones and Finish

white ground surface, dim deck, dim wood flooring, regular conventional deck, nordic deck

Lacquered – Low support – Easy to take care of

Oiled – Regular support – Easy to keep up


Clean (little bunches and shading/grain variety)

or then again

Rustic(knots, parts, shading and grain variety)

Angle or no slope – these are the furrows between wood flooring. A square edge implies no section where the wood flooring meets, an angle is a furrow in the join of the wood flooring and a miniature incline is a little depression where the wood boards meet.

Regardless of whether it’s modest wood flooring, quality wood flooring, designed wood ground surface or something different then connect with our neighborly group of consultants.

* Up to half off our wood flooring

* Free conveyance

* Wood floor fitting assistance in Bristol

* Expert data and exhortation

* Free wood flooring tests

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