Bamboo Advice

Bamboo – Shade


The natural colour has a blonde or yellow tone to it, which is the original colour of the bamboo. This provides a light and airy appearance to any room. The bamboo is topped with a satin top layer, which provides a silky, matt look.


Carbonised bamboo has a warm, coffee tone, which is achieved by smoking the bamboo in a kiln. There are no stains involved, just 100% pure, smoked bamboo strands. The bamboo is topped with a satin top layer, which provides a silky, matt look.

Bamboo – Construction

The following types of bamboo flooring are all available in either a natural bamboo colour or the richer smoked (carbonised) colour. (See ‘Shades’ for more information)


When looking at a horizontal construction bamboo plank, you can evidently see strips of bamboo that form individual blocks. These are glued together in a horizontal format to form the plank. Being glued in this way means the surface shows the bamboo knuckles and grains more prominently.


A vertical construction, takes thin, individual blocks of bamboo, which are then glued together horizontally to form a plank. These provide a more textured appearance to the floor.

Strand Woven:

Bamboo fibres are randomly put under pressure during lamination to create planks. Therefore, this method can create a variety of different designs, as a mix of different colours of bamboo can be blended together to form a distinctive and individual appearance. Due to tightly packed construction, strand woven bamboo is the most durable bamboo flooring on the market.