Choosing the Right Wood Species for Your Hardwood Floors

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There are various types of wood to browse for your hardwood floors. There are additionally various deck options that can copy hardwood floors. However, with so many various types of wood, how might you realize which will turn out best for you?

To assist you with picking, here are some various types of hardwood floors, their advantages, and how they admission on the Janka scale.

Famous Woods for Hardwood Floors

Red Oak

Red oak is the most ordinarily utilized types of wood that mortgage holders pick, and all things considered. It is hard yet generally reasonable.

The Janka Scale, a scale that actions the hardness of wood, rates oak at 1290. Thought about a harder animal varieties, red oak is more strong than different hardwoods that rank high on the Janka Scale. But, as indicated by Home Advisor, the public normal expense of oak floors per square foot is just $2 to $6. This is the most economical contrasted with pecan, which costs $8 to $16 per square foot as per Floor Critics.


Pecan is likewise an extremely well known decision for mortgage holders hoping to introduce wood floors. An extremely delicate material for hardwood floors, pecan positions at 1010 on the Janka Scale. What’s more, despite the fact that pecan has a low evaluating, it is as yet a well known deck animal types. Indeed, as indicated by a blog from CT Floor Supply, pecan floors are not difficult to clean, and they are impervious to chips and stains. Pecan additionally functions admirably for custom ground surface.


Hickory has an exceptionally smooth and rich look that will most likely intrigue anybody that strolls through your home. Since hickory is an extremely hard wood that positions 1820 on the Janka Scale, it’s an optimal decision for those needing intense floors. Notwithstanding, for those hoping to do a custom establishment, hickory may not be the most ideal decision. That is on the grounds that, as indicated by a blog entry from Home Reference, hickory can be a troublesome material to cut and sand.

For those with youngsters or pets, having a milder animal varieties might be the smartest choice.


Mahogany is the mildest species in this rundown, scoring 800 on the Janka Scale. It is, in any case, still an amazingly tough and stable species that offers life span. Besides, it is known for its protection from water harm and wood termites.

Having a solid, strong floor is acceptable in situations where a many individuals might be moving all through the house, or then again on the off chance that you live in a calm environment.

Reducing Your Choices

Picking the right types of wood for your hardwood floor eventually comes down to inclination. There are, in any case, specialized and complex calculates that actually come thought. For instance, you might need a milder sort of wood for solidness or a harder animal groups that can hold up to people walking through in your home.

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