Prime wood is the highest quality wood grade on the market. Prime grade boards have a clean and smooth appearance, due to the fact that they have been taken from the very middle of the log. This is where the wood has the least sap and only very small knots. This means that you will have a floor with a uniform appearance and little colour variation.


Unlike what the name suggests, distressed wood hasn’t had a tough life – it has been specially treated to look authentic and antique. The aim of this treatment is to provide an aged look, which gives the effect of original floor boards from a period property. Distressed wood can come in a variety of colours and finishes. It is a great choice for areas with high foot traffic, as any knocks or marks will only just add to the character.

Rustic / Natural:

Rustic grade wood has a natural appearance. It has larger knots and higher variation than prime boards, which can sometimes be treated with a little filler to smooth out any cracks. This is probably the most popular grade of flooring on the market, as you can have an abundance of natural, solid wood appearance at a reasonable price.


Also known as ‘Select’ grade, this flooring offers a selection of both prime boards and natural boards, which combined provide a varied finish. This means that you will have some smooth, clean boards, mixed with some character filled knots and sap patterns.