Engineered wood flooring colour trend for new year?

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Designed wood flooring with dim and more extravagant stains and bona fide more extensive boards will keep on observing an expansion of buyers in want of the normal wood flooring style for their homes in 2017.

Every client has their own special style, shading, and spending when searching for designed wood flooring anyway it appears to be that the vintage look of more extensive boards, more obscure stain tones and the characteristic grains and notches in designed wood will be an unquestionable requirement in the designed wood flooring patterns for the new year.


The interest for dim designed wood floors keeps on expanding. Some lean toward lighter grays and other favor more obscure grays.

The more obscure designed wood flooring appear to be more alluring to mortgage holders making an appearance of any room in their homes bigger and more fabulous. The hazier tones make a more complex plan component in any home today. This is on the grounds that the utilization of dark stains features the characteristic excellence of the wood and furthermore draws out the regular grains and sections that takes into consideration the deck to make a valid, striking assertion in any room of a home.

At Oak Flooring Direct we have a few alternatives of dark designed wood flooring:

Norske Oak Kiruna Engineered Wood Flooring is 180mm Wide, Matt Lacquered, Brushed and Beveled flooring, with Gray/White Effect that looks shocking and is incredible quality item.

Kahrs Oak Nouveay Gray is matt lacquered, 187mm wide designed wood flooring. A light dim board with earth conditions that functions admirably as a base for an assortment of inside styles. The sapwood components inhale life and variety into the surface. Contains all normal shading varieties, sapwood and provincial highlights, for example, bunches and breaks.

Boen Fashion Collection brings Boen Oak Shabby White. The white stain underlines the grain of this planed surface. Four sides of the designed sheets are slanted flaunting the length and width of each board.

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