Flooring Pavia Genoa Color Collection

Dolcevita 14/3 x 90mm American Walnut Herringbone Engineered Flooring

With regards to introducing hardwood flooring, you have a choice to make. Do you choose to go with a more conventional look of brilliant brown or dim earthy colored tones? Despite the fact that, assuming you need to stay aware of the developing present day pattern, then, at that point we propose you really investigate the Pavia Collection.

The Pavia Collection has all that you need to make an advanced home look or to help your conventional plan stick out while as yet being financial plan amicable. You can look over a wide determination of light dim, dim brown, normal light, and light earthy colored tones. One of the most interesting alternatives from the Pavia assortment is our Genoa tone. Genoa is a medium earthy colored tone hued floor that will draw out the accents of any styled home.

Genoa is perhaps the most famous shading option from the Pavia Collection. Each board is 5/8 inches thick, with a width of 7-1/2 inches. The thickness and width help to add to the dependability of the sheets while guaranteeing the floors are agreeable and classy. The top layer is 3mm thick and most pieces are 73 inches long. The length and width of each board will expand the apparent space of your room.

The Genoa tone is produced using designed European Oak. European Oak is one of the greatest quality sorts of oak wood utilized in hardwood flooring. Since it is designed wood, each piece isn’t just 100% wood however it can more readily withstand the discipline of regular day to day existence and encompassing environment changes. Presently your floors will catch the customary appearance of European Oak, with added solidness.

Genoa is a medium-brown colored shading that will function admirably in any style of home. Regardless of whether you are going for all the more an advanced subject or then again assuming you need to keep the conventional feel with a great wood floor, Genoa will work for you. The medium-earthy colored tone is likewise incredible at further improving the view of additional room in your home.

The Genoa choice is sourced from ABCD reviewed hardwood. This implies is that each board catches the exceptional attributes of the great quality European Oakwood. With ABCD evaluated hardwood, you will have no issue catching the genuine regular excellence of your hardwood floor.

Each board is done with UV Lacquer to add additional insurance and to make your hardwood floor look shockingly better. The UV Lacquer is applied in layers so any blemish normally present in the wood will be filled in and the cling to the Oak facade will be ideal.

Wire brushing surface is added to each board in the Genoa assortment for two reasons. First and foremost, it makes your floors look better. Besides, it adds additional assurance to your venture and makes the wood grain pop. We use wire brushing to add surface to every individual piece of wood so every board will have its own interesting appearance.

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