Guide To Flooring Trims & Doorbars

Here’s a brief guide on all the accessories associated with flooring trims and thresholds. Scroll down to find all the information you need!

Threshold T-Bar trims

These T-Bar trims simply fall in between two sections of flooring, essentially hiding the gap between them.

Ramp Bar/Threshold Trims

Ramps are commonly used for bridging and connecting the gaps between two areas of flooring that slightly differ in height. You will have to take an accurate measurement to see what the drop will be in millimeters. Without the use of a ramp, you can end up with a trip hazard!

Wood To Carpet/Tile Trims

A carpet/tile reducer is something between a T-bar and a Ramp. It’s mainly used for joining two areas of flooring that rest at different heights, e.g. a height difference between a carpet and oak flooring.

Edge Trims

Edging trims are usually used on occasions where the floor meets features of your room, such as a fireplace or patio doors etc. These trims give your flooring a smart finish, as they sit level with the rest of your floor.

Stair Nosing Trims

Stair nosing is a must for every staircase, as its designed to create a safe cover that protects the edges of your stairs. At the same time, it gives your stairs a smooth appearance. Without it, your staircase will look messy and could cause a trip hazard!

Beading/Scotia Trims

On certain occasions you may want to place some new flooring down without having to lift or remove your existing skirting boards. If that’s the case, you will definitely require beading to go around the edges of your room. Beading usually comes in set lengths of wood or MDF, which covers the expansion gaps between the skirting and your flooring.

Rose Pipe Covers

Radiator pipe covers are a great piece of kit used to hide the expansion gap between radiator pipes and the floor. These covers simply click together during installation and come in a range of colours to match your floor, providing a perfect finishing touch.