Herringbone and Chevron in classic variations


As an exemplary among the floor designs, herringbone is an immortal parquet floor that can be joined with any living style. Herringbone parquet is made through the particular plan of parquet strips in an example suggestive of the bones of a fish skeleton. The various bearings in the herringbone patter mirror light in a wide range of points, giving this floor its obvious character.

On the off chance that the parquet components are calculated on the two sides by a 45 degree or 60 degree point, this is otherwise called French herringbone design – or chevron, in worldwide speech. The sides, which are calculated, structure a persistent hole between the component columns, which resembles a spine.

A wide item rang of boards with its different wood species and great tones and surfaces offers an enormous number of various prospects. An impression of the large number of various measurements relying upon the sort can be found in the image above.

Our accomplished creation group will at that point cycle these boards into the most assorted herringbone and chevron organizations and plans on solicitation, so you get your ideal herringbone parquet

What about, for instance, enormous arrangement oak boards in herringbone or chevron? Investigate our Villa range. Oak boards are accessible in some great surfaces in widths of 186 mm or 240 mm, and even as a board in 1180x300x15 mm, whenever required.

Herringbone in 90 degree point – our scope of measurements for you: 1180x300x15 mm/1180x240x15 mm/1080x186x15 mm/1090x130x10 mm/540x130x10 mm/600x100x10 mm/560x70x10 mm

The 45 degree point is a sort of Chevron in 45 degree point – our scope of measurements for you: 1060x240x15 mm/1000x186x15 mm/960x130x10 mm/500x100x10 mm

The 60 degree point is a sort of Chevron in 60 degree point – our scope of measurements for you: 1120x240x15 mm/1040x186x15 mm/1010x130x10 mm/540x100x10 mm

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