Board Dimensions


When choosing your desired Laminate, it is very important to consider the thickness of your flooring, which is normally measured in millimeters (mm). Our Laminate flooring ranges from 7mm, all the way to 12mm thick. Whether you go for a thin or thicker laminate, during production, the same manufacturing excellence is applied to all thicknesses. However, thicker floors are known to be more stable and quieter to walk on, as well as being easier to install and can help balance/level any imperfections in the subfloor without causing complications.

We advise thicker floors (8mm and above) to be used in areas where there’s normally more foot traffic, such as hallways and living rooms. Alternatively, many use thinner floors too, but commonly in areas where there’s less footfall such as bedrooms, conservatries, basements and utility rooms.

Laminate Board Dimensions


Our Laminate flooring comes in a variety of widths to complement any style or design that you may have in mind. There is no right or wrong when choosing narrow or wide planks, it’s all down to personal preference. Some people prefer smaller planks, as they can make a room feel bigger, and some prefer wider planks due to their more simple and modern appearance.

Laminate flooring is usually found in varying widths of 90mm – 200mm.

Laminate Board Dimensions