Plank Effect

Single Strip:

A majority of your modern floor coverings are now designed in a single/1-strip plank effect, which resembles the look of individual hardwood planks. This particular Laminate design offers the most natural appearance in style and certainly looks impressive in large areas.

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Multi Strip:

This multi-strip design simply appears as if many individual strips of wood have been stuck together on one single plank of flooring. We suggest the use of Multi-strip planks in smaller areas, since they can appear to make rooms feel bigger.

, Laminate Plank Effect, Flooring Surgeons

Stone / Tile effect:

These types of Laminates vary in size, style, texture and dimension, meaning that they can astonishingly mimic the realistic effects of marble, slate and stone tiles, but in a durable and cost-effective formula. This is the perfect floor for those who love the look of tiles but want the practicality, ease and warmth that laminate has to offer.

, Laminate Plank Effect, Flooring Surgeons