New Floors for 2021!

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2020 is out and we as a whole inhale an aggregate murmur of alleviation for 2021. Because of all the fervor of the new year upon us, we are glad to present SEVEN new European oak tones in our famous Chêne assortment! Along these lines, read underneath to get the main look on the two new 7.5″ wide tones and the arrangement of five new 6″ wide tones!

Each 7.5″ wide board of the Dolcetto is carefully wirebrushed to improve its common grain and got done with a wonderful, light stain. Moreover, its delicate impartial tone makes a natural and vaporous stylish, lighting up and inspiring the space where it is introduced. Every European oak board is finished with an advanced matte completion and beguiling character. With extraordinary bunches and twirls, all components meet up to make a story that will be a dazzling show-stopper in any plan.

The European oak Champagne finds some kind of harmony between current patterns and ageless style. With a contemporary matte completion on each 7.5″ wide board, the Champagne highlights shocking warm, nonpartisan shading tones and rich grain designs emphasized with exceptional character components. Appropriate for a scope of configuration styles, the Champagne is sure to become the dominant focal point with its enchanting, distinctive shading tones and long rich boards.

The nectar tones of the European oak Amarone appear to transmit light and warmth from the inside. The Amarone’s refined tasteful is made finished with dazzling regular character and an excellent, unbiased stain. Gently brushed to emphasize the common grain, each board is done with an advanced matte polish covering that both improves and ensures this exceptional floor.

The light and breezy tones of the Avesso give a casual, welcoming climate any place they are introduced. The Avesso highlights unpretentious character and light wirebrushing to exhibit the shocking normal grain of European oak. Each 6″-wide board is fixed with an UV defensive polish, giving prevalent insurance and a beautiful, present day matte completion.

With shifted and dimensional shading tones going from light, smooth neutrals to tones of rich coffee, the European oak Brunello is overflowing with character and warmth. Each 6″ wide board is gently brushed to complement the characteristic grain and got done with a defensive present day matte veneer covering to guarantee its magnificence for quite a long time to come.

The Marsanne gives an inviting, warm climate with a rich, impartial stain. Daintily wirebrushed to highlight common grain, each board has the particular character just found in authentic European oak. With a cutting edge matte completion and a defensive UV enamel, the Marsanne’s characteristic magnificence will suffer for quite a long time to come.

The Verdiso has a rich exhibit of shading tones, going from warm umber to light nectar. Overflowing with character and appeal, the particular boards of the Verdiso meet up to make a really enamoring floor. Gotten done with a cutting edge matte UV veneer that both ensures and embellishes, the European oak Verdiso’s enduring style is coordinated with suffering development.

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