Nordic Style Home Renovation

Nature 14/3 x 125mm Golden Wheat Oak Engineered Flooring

When selecting a floor we always recommend a visit to one of our dealers or a visit to our showroom to view the floors available. This gives you the ability to view larger samples, and in some cases full planks, of your favorite flooring styles to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

Susanna’s initial vision was a light colored parquet floor without an exaggerated, bleached finish. However, after careful consideration, he decided that a simple, medium-width plank would best suit his vision for the home. After seeing several styles up close, Salcombe Seashore Oak lived up to expectations in terms of colour, size and detail – that was it!

The original house was built in the 1960’s and consisted of many small rooms, corridors and large open bathrooms. Although the house was very spacious, it wasn’t the open, modern living space that Susanna had dreamed of. So it took a lot of thought and planning to refurbish the property and make it the bright, light and airy home that Susanna had in mind.

The project was extensive: a large part of the interior walls were demolished, ceilings were put on and new elements were added in order to achieve the desired spaciousness. New windows, doors and bathrooms have replaced the old ones, as has a lovely large open plan kitchen.Everything has literally been torn apart and redesigned to make room for the family.

With the exception of the pandemic and an issue with the windows, the refurbishment itself went well and everything went according to plan. What is very impressive for such a large project!

Originally from Scandinavia, Susanna is very inspired by light, bright and airy spaces and this is exactly what she wanted to showcase in her home. Maximizing natural light, incorporating clean, simple lines, a restrained color palette, and naturalistic textures were key design elements.In keeping with the Scandinavian interior design style, black accents have been favored to add structure and definition to the home.

Full of character and style, the completed home is stunning. Susanna executed her plans to perfection and this is truly a family home to admire. With our Salcombe Seashore Oak covering most of your home, we couldn’t have asked for a better floor. The bright colors and the warmth they radiate fit perfectly with the Nordic interior style.And we are very happy that Susanna loves her as much as we do!

“It was fun from start to finish. Very helpful and knowledgeable customer service and when we had boards left over after the refurbishment they arranged collection so we could return what we didn’t need. Suzanne, 2021.

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