Our take on modern vinyl flooring

Click Fit Vintage Oak Wood Effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring situ

The occasions where vinyl floors were viewed as older style are a distant memory. Vinyl floors are unimaginably adaptable, which is the reason individuals have been succumbing to them once more. Our new Spirit line is there to furnish your home with an advanced vinyl flooring.

To exactly, an advanced inside rises to an unbiased, perhaps cool inside with tight lines. However, that doesn’t need to be the situation. It’s your home, so you are allowed to do anything you desire. Soul gives you that opportunity, as it comes in the two boards and tiles. The Spirit tiles come in 16 unique tones, while the boards have a day and a half, worry don’t as well; Spirit has an advanced vinyl floor for everybody.

Our Spirit line mixes regular tones with genuine wood surfaces to make everything about to life. This makes it practically difficult to recognize a Spirit floor from a genuine wood floor, as each grain can be felt as you contact it. This outcomes in a legitimate, regular look close by every one of the advantages of a cutting edge vinyl flooring.

Felines, kids or awkwardness. These three Cs are no counterpart for Spirit. Minor mishaps will undoubtedly occur in your every day life, however that doesn’t imply that this must be joined by a great deal of cleaning. An advanced vinyl floor, for example, Spirit includes a stain-and dampness safe covering, which makes cleaning a breeze. This guarantees that you can let loose a greater amount of your valuable time for some very much procured recreation.

At the point when you introduce another floor, you need it to be a story you can rely on. We’ve built up a particular aftercare measure for our Spirit line that guarantees security consistently. Weighty variances in temperature will no affect your floors dependability. These attributes make Spirit totally appropriate for use close by floor warming! Like some other present day vinyl flooring, Spirit can be introduced as snap lock or paste down vinyl, which implies it can consummately oblige your necessities.

Following a long, hard day at work, you simply need some harmony and calm. That is by and large what Spirit offers you. Each board and tile is fitted with an inventive, coordinated underlay with acoustic damping properties, which lessens the commotion of strides by up to 20 decibels!

On top of being not difficult to keep up, Spirit is 100% waterproof which settles on it an incredible decision for your washroom. It’s likewise conceivable to utilize Spirit as an advanced vinyl flooring for your basement, as the moistness will not influence it by any stretch of the imagination. Soul will keep up its shape and stay set up, regardless of how moist or wet it gets!

During the creation of vinyl floors, it is very normal to utilize a synthetic compound known as phthalates. Be that as it may, to make Spirit a genuine present day vinyl flooring arrangement, we’ve chosen to discard the utilization of this synthetic in its creation. Not on the grounds that we need to, but since we think the climate is significant.

We went all out when it went to the usability of Spirit. In the event that you wish to save yourself a ton of work, residue and time, it very well may be introduced as a coasting vinyl floor. This implies you will not need to separate your current floor and it can totally upgrade your inside in a solitary evening. Our 2G/5G lock framework or FastTec self-glue underlay make the establishment as easy as could be expected.

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