Plank Effect

Single Plank:

A majority of our Solid wood floors are designed in a single plank form, which are cut from individual pieces of timber. These are then sanded and shaped into either a tongue and groove or click system solid wood boards. This offers stunning natural appearances, showing off both the grains and knots of the wood.

Multi Strip:

Multi strip effect flooring is manufactured using several strips of wood, that vary in shade and pattern, which are then combined together to form a single plank. This often makes it a cheaper alternative to the traditional one-piece planks. We suggest the use of Multi-strip planks in smaller areas, since they can appear to make rooms feel bigger.


Parquet has a distinctive zigzag pattern, which is repeated across the entire floor. Each plank is taken from a single strip of solid wood, which is then specially cut so that when they are joined together, they create the iconic parquet design. It comes in a variety of shades and styles, making it the perfect choice if you are looking for something that will make a statement. This pattern is achieved using a very specific fitting style and therefore can be tricky to fit, so it is probably one that should be left to the professionals. (Read more about Parquet and Herringbone Floors)