Which Floor Is Compatible With Underfloor Heating?

Simple underfloor heating systems usually require a series of electrical wires or sheets that run beneath your flooring. They are commonly used in cold conservatries, bathrooms and kitchens, but not every type of flooring is compatible.

We only recommend the use of engineered, laminate or luxury vinyl flooring, as these types of floors are designed to withstand changes in temperature. However, for peace of mind it’s always worth double-checking this with your underfloor heating manufacturers and remember that no floor should be exposed to temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius.

The use of underfloor heating is not recommended with Solid Wood floors. This is simply because the heat will eventually dry out your Solid Wood, causing it to shrink, which then creates gaps between your floor. Furthermore, once the heating system is off, the wood will start to reabsorb moisture and expand, which can then cause swelling of your wooden floor.

Useful Tips & Information

  • You should only use underlay that is compatible with underfloor heating, so that heat is evenly spread across the floor and so that there is no hotspots.