What Is Smoking In Wood Floors?

This process dates back to the early 20th century, the original discovery is thought to have been made in stables. At this point it was found that the English white oak beams above the horses were much darker than the beams elsewhere in the stables, and this darkening process was linked to the ammonia in the horses’ urine. With this idea, fumigation or fumigation as a woodworking process became common among arts and crafts furniture makers and was very popular in.

Smoking consists in placing the oak in a closed room where the ammonia is released into the atmosphere. This closed environment can be a closed tank, an airtight tent, or any type of container into which only a relatively small amount of ammonia is introduced.The presence of ammonia in the air changes the color of the wood.

It is a common misconception that fumigation or fumigation of oak adds ammonia to the oak, but this is not the case. The color change is due to the wood’s reaction to the presence of ammonia in the atmosphere. In fact, the ammonia brings the tannins of the wood to the surface. The closer the tannins are to the surface, the darker the wood becomes.The longer the wood is exposed to ammonia, the darker it becomes. The smoking or smoking result ranges from deep brown to almost black.

Color intensity and shade depend on the contact time of the wood with the ammonia vapours. Time periods as short as twelve hours will give a slightly smoky skin effect, while time periods of as little as 72 hours will give a darker end result. As you can imagine, the higher the temperature in the chamber, the faster the results of the color change will appear, but not only that, the tone will suffer.Higher temperatures generally bring reds and lower temperatures greens, allowing for creativity in smoking or incense.

A matt oak has large color variations that are visible on smooth and brushed floors. The more oil you apply to a tarnished oak tree, the better it will look. Because the color runs throughout the board, this means no scratch will be “white” as it is not a stain.

Smoked Oak is treated in the same way but with a different mixture of ammonia and in some cases wood smoke is introduced into the chamber to achieve a warm golden color without extreme color differences.

In summary, smoking and fumigation not only darkens the wood, but bleaches the parts with more sap, making them lighter.The overall effect of this process is to bring out natural color variations.

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