These types of Laminates offer authentic appearances with visible wooden or stone grains. Every individual design feels unique and indistinguishable from the real deal. Textured surfaces also provide greater amounts of grip, and therefore make this type of laminate flooring slip-resistant. Overall, this is a brilliant choice of flooring for any home, especially if you have children, pets or elderly family members around.


Embossed Laminates feature authentic looking grains, knots, bumps and unique patterns, which give them a rich, distinctive look similar to that of Hardwood flooring. Embossing can vary among different companies; it can either match a certain ‘wood grain’ design or provide a ‘distressed’ appearance. Although the embossed texture can be felt easily, it tends to be particularly smooth and comfortable to walk on. Embossed textures are therefore the perfect option for those who are after the closest thing to real wood, but want the practicality of Laminate; and of course, at a fraction of the price.

Hand Scraped:

These types of Laminates come with refined rippling surfaces, which mimics the old-fashioned appearance of crafted hand scraped flooring. Traditionally, this form of texture was applied to floorboards using a handheld scraper, commonly known as the ‘ripple effect’ appearance. These particular characteristics offer a heavier textured finish, with an authentic antique feeling that not only provides a superior look, but also a noticeable feeling at your feet.


Laminates with this type of finish have a flat top layer with a ‘satin’ finish effect. This is one of the simplest styles of laminate on the market, which can easily compliment any room and also makes cleaning very straight forward, as there are no grains or knots where dirt can be trapped.

High Gloss:

Our high gloss range lives up to their name; they are gleaming, shiny and have a smooth surface all the way around. The absence of grains, knots and ridges means that this type of flooring is very easy to clean. However, due to the heavy lacquered top layer, glossy floors are usually prone to marks and require a bit more care. Nevertheless, the high gloss range offers a unique, classy and modern look like no other, which unquestionably stands out.